About Us

Situated in KwaZulu-Natal on the east coast of South Africa, La Lucia Mall lies within a stone’s throw of the Umhlanga beachfront and offers a convenient retail experience for the discerning shopper.
When La Lucia Mall first opened its doors in 1974, it had 45 stores. As of 2021 the mall boasts over 130 retailers. Attracting approximately 4 million shoppers annually, La Lucia Mall provides an upmarket shopping destination for the local Durban North, La Lucia and Umhlanga communities and tourists.

The shopping centre offers approximately 1000 free open parking bays and over 600 undercover parking bays, 5 exhibition courts as well as ample facilities for disabled shoppers and parents of young children. 
In 2019 the mall completed a major revamp that has modernised and reimagined its entire retail space and, unlike many other 40-plus-year-old-buildings, it now sets the bar for contemporary mall design trends. 

Centre Management

Meet our team

Vanessa Blevins
Centre Manager

Tel: 031 562 8420
[email protected]


Donovan Solomon
Operations Manager

Tel: 031 562 8420
[email protected]


Cindene Sheasby
Marketing Manager

Tel: 031 562 8420
[email protected]


Patricia Zama

Tel: 031 562 8420
[email protected]


Nazrana Premlall
Retail Leasing Manager – KZN

Tel: 031 584 5100
[email protected]


Pamela Hira
Property Administrator

Tel: 031 562 8420
[email protected]


Andreas Msomi
Maintenance Supervisor



We have 1 000 free open parking bays and 600 secure undercover parking bays. 

Skip the Queue! 
For your hygiene and convenience we offer Tap and Go Parking. 
No ticket required and no queuing at the pay station!

1. On arrival, wave or motion to the ticket dispenser for your ticket OR TAP IN at the ticket dispenser with your debit / credit card.
2. On departure, tap out at the pay station or exit boom. 

Validate free parking from Pick ‘n Pay and Dischem at the exit booms too! One and a half hours of free undercover parking is offered for Pick n Pay customers, and one hour for Dis-Chem customers. 

Designated parking bays close to centre entrances are available for wheelchair users, frail and disabled customers, parents with infants or mothers-to-be.


La Lucia Mall has very strict security measures in place to ensure the safety of our shoppers at all times. The mall has CCTV cameras with trained controllers monitoring the footage from the control room. In addition the mall has security officers and car guards, senior security supervisors and managers patrolling the mall and car parks 24/7 for your safety.