Personal Gift Cards








La Lucia Mall Gift Cards are available from the customer care desk on the lower level, entrance 1, next to Kauai between 9am and 5pm daily. 

In terms of FICA legislation and our Gift Card purchase process, you are required to present original proof of identity when you purchase a Gift Card over R250. The customer care consultants will scan your ID document or driver's licence using a scanning device situated at the customer care desk.

The La Lucia Mall Gift Card works as a Mastercard and you can spend it at any shop in La Lucia Mall. Your gift card automatically keeps its balance so you’ll always know exactly how much you have left to spend. Balance enquiries can be made at the customer care desk.

Our Gift Card is intended for use within La Lucia Mall.  Should you choose to use your Gift Card outside of this mall, you will incur additional fees per transaction.

Forms of payment:
- Debit / Credit Card

Gift cards can be purchased for any amount between R50 and R3500 and are valid for three (3) years from the date of purchase. Should you wish to purchase cards of a larger value, more than one card will be issued.

- Positive identification is required for FICA and bank purposes.
- Remember to sign the signature panel upon receipt of your Gift Card.
- The Gift Card is accepted at all our retail stores.
- Your Gift Card can be spent in stages, but remember to check your balance regularly.

For balance enquiries:
Visit the customer care desk
Call 083 918 7700
Card help 086 111 4093

Corporate Gift Cards

Should you wish to purchase Gift Cards for your company, please send an email to [email protected] with the following information:
- The company name;
- The company's physical address;
- The company's VAT number;
- Quantity and denominations of cards required and;
- Details of the person who will be collecting the vouchers from the mall including full name, contact number and ID number;
- Our Corporate Sales Manager will inform you about our FICA requirements.

An invoice will be issued to the company. Once payment has been received either via EFT or credit card (credit card holder needs to be present) we will arrange for the Gift Cards to be collected.

For any further enquries please contact Cindene Sheasby on 031 562 8420.